A device to supportmeditation beginners

The device helps you control the three elements key to meditation (body tone, breathing rate, heart rate), making it easy for anyone to start meditating with ease. The rice-ball (onirigi) shape provides easy portability so you can give your heart and mind a light workout on your commute or while at your desk.

Shaped to tone your body

The device has an onigiri shape to help maintain the proper posture for meditation. Wherever you’re sitting, Onigilin will always help you maintain the same posture.

Sound to stabilize your breathing pattern

Sounds of waves, a bonfire and a forest will lead you into deep meditation.
Onigilin will also optimize your breathing rate for meditation.

Vibration to tone your heart

Gather focus at your fingertips. Onigilin vibrates in tune with your breathing.
You can strongly feel your breathing while entering a meditation state.

For times of relaxation and concentration.

Onigilin provides a meditation program of only 3 minutes. Its complete with features, allowing you to quickly meditate whenever or wherever in situations such as commuting, preparing for a competition or an exam. Meditation is now easier than ever.

What is ‘mindfulness meditation’?

Mindfulness meditation is a mental training method rooted in the Japanese spirit of ‘Zen.’ Owing to the technological developments around brainwave activity measurement, the effects are increasingly recognized scientifically and are being utilized in experiments conducted by companies and universities in places such as Silicon Valley.

Benefit of continuous training

With increasing usage of the Internet and smartphones, we’re finding it harder to concentrate and feel dazed as our brains are always multitasking. By use of mindfulness training, through meditation you can focus your mind on the ‘here’ and ‘now,’ giving your brain a performance boost. It is possible to give your brain a performance boost with mindfulness training by focusing on ‘here’ and ‘now’ through meditation.

Development Team

Project team that designs near-future communication experiences with a focus on biomedical signal technology. Communication tool ‘necomimi’ (2011). Cat-like ears based on brainwaves, chosen as one of TIME’s 50 greatest world inventions. Headphone ‘mico (2013). Music recommendation application utilizing human emotions. Received much attention at SXSW. Wearable camera ‘neurocam’ (2013). Wearable camera that automatically takes short video clips based on human emotions, Awarded Innovation Technology 2014 by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. EYEoT ‘mononome’ (2014). IoT device that visualizes communication between humans and objects.


Creative production with focus in planning and producing digital services, content and products. Strengths in synchronized expression using projection, sound, and light. Possesses two subsidiaries, Darkness Inc. that specializes in horror content, and BUTTON Inc. that specializes in kids content. Also creates original content and products such as ‘PLAYFUL BOOKS’ (an interactive kids picture book), ‘Iropico’ (a brain-training application), ‘DANCE’ (an installation exhibition) and ‘papapa PIANO’ (an application that turns the human face and voices into instruments).

Dr. Yoshiki Ishikawa
Co-founder, Campus for H Inc. Researcher in Preventive Medicine Dr. Yoshiki Ishikawa

Bachelor of Health Science from University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine, Master of Health Science from University of Tokyo School of Medicine, Master of Science from Harvard School of Public Health and Ph.D in Medicine from Jichi Medical University. Cross-disciplinary research on the theme ‘How people can live better.’ Areas of expertise: preventive medicine, behavioral science, calculation creation science, marketing, and data analysis. Numerous appearances on TV, magazines and conferences. Net navigator for NHK ‘NEWS WEB.’ Author of several books. Also many books are published.

Masahiro Nishimoto Researcher
Research Manager, Campus for H Inc. Researcher (Public Health) Masahiro Nishimoto

Master of Health Science, University of Tokyo School of Medicine. Research focused on positive mental health. Produces ‘Healthy Office’ reports for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, fconducts research in healthy life expectancy for prefectures and formulates fitness guidelines for cities. Specializing in worker healthcare, he has developed healthcare applications for business people and training methods to increase productivity within companies.

Onigilin is currently under development. For inquiries, please contact us through our contact form.